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What is Botox?

Botox (Dysport) is one of the most common substances that reduce the contraction of facial muscles resulting in the reduction of expression wrinkles (forehead, middle eyebrow, goose foot, etc.). It is a substance with a protein composition and is called butylin toxin type A. This substance acts locally causing relaxation in the muscles that is injected.

After several decades of use in the world of medicine and especially aesthetics, it has no side effects or destroys muscle and nerve fibers. The substance acts locally at the point of application. The effect of Botox is reversible. That is, after a few months the substance is inactivated and the muscle gradually regains its contractile potential without being immediately perceived by the people around us. Whether Botox treatment will be repeated is entirely up to the patient’s wishes alone.

The treatment is quick and relatively painless. The usual treatment points are the face and neck giving a smoother and more relaxed look. The same substance is used to treat migraines that afflict many people from time to time. Finally, it is used in cases of hyperhidrosis in the armpits, palms and soles.


After a discussion between the surgeon and the patient, it is determined how to achieve the desired result. The procedure is simple: the points that cause the expression wrinkles are identified and the doctor with very fine needle applies injections to these points. The patient is then instructed to avoid exposure to the sun or heat (hot bath, etc.) and not to press the injection sites for about 4 hours. It is therefore recommended that the patient not lie down for this period of time.


The action of Botox starts in a few 24 hours and is completed in about a week. The patient returns to the doctor after 2 weeks from the day of application for evaluation of the result. However, when the doctor knows the peculiarity of the face, he can reach the final desired result from the very first application.

Repetitive treatments

The effect of Botox is reversible and lasts for 6-8 months. After repeated treatments it has been observed that it acts more than the aforementioned time but without reaching a time when the patient no longer needs treatment.

The result is a smooth, glowing skin, free of expression wrinkles and with a relaxed look.

  • The only factors that can promise 100% guaranteed results are the doctor being trained and using products approved and tested by global organizations (FDA).

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