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Breast Reduction

When is Breast Reduction indicated?

The female sex often suffers from large or very large breasts. This results in pain (in the back, neck, shoulders through the bra), skeletal abnormalities and social problems touching the psychic realm.


Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 2-4 hours depending on the severity of the case. During the surgery, the nipple is placed in the desired position and the “excess” tissue is removed. As a result, the reshaped breast is smaller and the nipple is in the correct position. The incision is inverted T (anchor shape) and extends as a thin line from the nipple to the submandibular fold. At the point of the abdominis there is an incision parallel to the aspect of the abdominis whose size depends on the volume of tissue being removed. At the end of the operation, a special bra is placed based on the preoperative instructions of the surgeon. This bra should be worn by the patient for about a month, removing it during the bath.


Postoperatively there may be mild pain which subsides with simple analgesics. There is often a slight swelling and bruising that subsides quickly and does not cause pain. Patients gradually return to their daily activities, while most return to work 10-14 days postoperatively.


The scars gradually subside but do not disappear completely without causing an aesthetic problem.

The results are permanent and long lasting following the effect of time as it happens in the rest of the body. Changes in the body such as pregnancy, severe weight loss and natural aging can affect the outcome.

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