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Liposculpture – Vaser & Body Tite

What is liposculpture?

Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.. For this reason its evolution both technically and aesthetically is spectacular in the last decade.

Today we are talking about the advanced form of classical liposuction which is none other than 4D liposulpturing ή otherwise High Def Bodysculpturing.

4D liposculpture involves the removal or even the addition of fat to areas of the body that we want to improve or even highlight. The new shape of the body is not accidental.

The surgeon faithfully follows the anatomy of each body by painting on the body before the operation so that the result has a naturalness and is unique to each person as his anatomy is unique.

To ensure the success of the result, in addition to the surgeon’s aesthetics, it is important for the surgeon to use the appropriate tools that are none other than the Vaser Pro and when needed Bodytite and the operation is done with intoxication – neuroleptic analgesia – and not with total anesthesia.

What is Vaser

This tool performs traditional liposuction through ultrasound. As a result, fat removal is more accurate in detail at specific points and without damaging the tissues in the fat removal area. So we have no pain or blood loss so that in a few days the patient feels that his body was not disturbed internally but his image has changed dramatically and reaches the desired result.

What is Body Tite?

One of the most modern tools in the field of lipolysis. It is used in combination with Vaser or alone because it offers tightening through the application of radio frequencies into the adipose tissue and under the skin. BodyTite is not applied externally to the skin like other radiofrequency machines, so it is used in the surgical field and with intoxication.

Combined Result

Tightening is a very basic issue for patients who are interested in 4D liposculpture. There are many cases that have had liposuction and a few months later the unwanted relaxation appears at the site of the operation (while before they did not have it) even if the operation was done with the help of Vaser.So bodytite in most cases is used during liposculpture to give the body a firmer skin without sagging and definitely a more athletic look. This completes the liposculpture procedure for a well-shaped body without relaxation that will last over time. Use of the machine is painless and bloodless.

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