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Face Lifting

What is Face Lifting?

Facelift or wrinkle resection is the crown of plastic surgery for women and men. This operation is a challenge for a surgeon because the results are directly related to his skills in combination with the training he has received. The handling is meticulously accurate and pre-operative planning is of paramount importance.

Desired FaceLift result

Undoubted satisfaction for a surgeon is the feeling of satisfaction that his patients feel after a successful operation since the result turns their image 10-15 years back.

The facelift improves the signs of aging and relaxation on the face and neck, resulting in a more natural and youthful appearance. The success of the operation does not lie in the removal of loose skin but in the reorganization of the underlying tissues under the loose skin. A surgery that is not obvious surgery is considered successful.

The signs of relaxation begin to appear in the 40s to 50s. If the facelift is done before the installation of great relaxation, the result is more natural and lasts longer.

Additional options

Facelift can be combined with both eyelid surgery and Lipofilling (autologous tissue-fat transfusion) to recover lost facial structures over time. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a photo with you 15-20 years ago when you visit your surgeon. This will help the surgeon to better assess what are the special structures of your face.


The surgery lasts about 3 hours depending on the remodeling of the face that is desired. After the operation, the patient wears special face bandages and spends one night in the clinic for preventive follow-up. He leaves the next day of the operation.

The incisions are hidden inside the scalp, temples and around the ear. The choice of placing the incisions in the above points in combination with the very good healing ability of the face make the postoperative scars very mild.


Swelling and bruising are expected and go away quickly. In 10-14 days, patients return to work and start exercising after 3 weeks.

Final result

The result is permanent and theoretically the person does not return to his previous state.

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