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Heterologous Facial Mesotherapy

What is Heterologous Facial Mesotherapy

To treat skin damage, heterologous mesotherapy is performed with a cocktail of vitamins and concentrated hyaluronic acid. This treatment is done with a special machine that creates channels in the skin to reach the desired layer of the skin.

It is the appropriate treatment for the restoration of the skin all seasons of the year, restoring the appearance of the skin.

Benefits of Vitamins

Vitamins A, C & E ensure the restoration of the radiance and appearance of the skin.

Vitamin A smoothes fine lines, restores moisture and elasticity and will gradually eliminate the effects of sun exposure as it enhances collagen production.

Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant. In addition to the “blur” caused by sun exposure and pollution, it also restores the dull skin caused by smoking. It is also very useful because it inhibits the production of melanin and helps to deal with any discolorations that may have been caused during the summer. Vitamin C enhances collagen production as a fundamental factor!

Vitamin E repairs skin damage caused by exogenous factors. Vitamin E helps our skin to get a perfect texture and appearance.


The application of the cocktail is ideal after the summer for skin damaged by the sun but also as prevention and rejuvenation all year round, to make our skin healthy, radiant again and help balance the health of the skin in depth.
The number of sessions depends on the extent and depth of the problem, although the average provides 4 or 6 sessions to achieve a long-lasting visible result.

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