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When is Blepharoplasty indicated?

Relaxation of the eyelids is often an aesthetic and functional problem for both women and men. It occurs regardless of age, mainly affecting older people, where the problem is more pronounced. This relaxation can affect both the upper and lower eyelids. The result of this relaxation (bags) is a tired and aged face.


Eyelid surgery is an operation performed under local anesthesia or with a little intoxication. The patient does not need to be hospitalized in the clinic where will only be monitored for a few hours.

In the upper eyelid surgery, the incision is hidden inside the eyelid fold (normal eyelid wrinkle – “eyelid”) with the result that the incision is well hidden with both open and closed eyes. After removing the excess skin, the surgeon checks the presence or absence of fat that can project and restores it where needed. The suturing is done with very thin sutures which are removed painlessly about 5 days after the operation.

In the lower eyelids the procedure is generally the same as the upper ones, with the difference that the incision is made at the border of the eyelash and skin with excellent healing due to the special characteristics of the skin in this area. In case of loose lower eyelids or possible deviation, the restoration is done simultaneously with the eyelid surgery. The stitches are thin and are removed after a few days.


In the first days there may be swelling (swelling), which subsides with special eye drops and compresses that will be recommended by your surgeon. After this phase, recovery is fast. In a few weeks the eye area will be smoother and brighter and the look will be more vivid and youthful.

Final result

This operation reaches its final result after a few weeks and is permanent. The incisions after 2 months will be invisible.

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