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Detached ears – Discarded ears

When cosmetic surgery on the ears is indicated

The cosmetic surgery of the ears (otherwise otoplasty) concerns the detached ears – discarded ears. It is a deformity of the ear flap and concerns its shape and position. In the case of discarded ears, the deformity is not so much their functionality but their aesthetic harmony with the rest of the head. This can significantly affect the patient’s mental health. This deformity affects both adults and children, since this operation can be performed on children over 6 years. It is good to treat this deformity before the beginning of school age, in order to avoid any mental disorder that the child may receive from his classmates.


This operation is performed under local anesthesia when the patient is cooperative. The incisions are placed inside folds of the skin so that they are not as visible as the fold behind the ear.


The patient leaves the clinic a few hours after the operation with the bandages placed at the end of the surgery. This bandage is removed after 5-6 days and then an elastic band is used during sleep to protect the ears. Participation in daily activities takes place from the next day of surgery and the patient returns to his duties after 7 days. The operation is painless and in the rare case of mild pain simple painkillers have a very satisfactory effect.

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