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Autologous Messotherapy

What is Autologous Mesotherapy?

By autologous we mean the treatment that the “materials” used are products of our body. These materials do not cause allergic reactions as they are products of our body.

For several years PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) has been applied with impressive results in the healing of orthopedic and chronic wounds. In recent years he has also spent on cosmetic plastic surgery with impressive results.

The beneficial effect of PRP is due to the regenerative action of the elements contained in the blood, and more specifically the platelets contained in it. A special procedure is followed for the collection of quality PRP and special materials-machines are used. The injection (with a very fine needle) of these growth factors into the skin, called autologous mesotherapy, can lead to dramatic skin regeneration by rejuvenating skin tissues. This treatment is applied to the face, décolleté and where the skin needs rejuvenation. A key feature of PRP is its anti-aging, regenerative and remedial action at the injection site.


The treatment is simple:

A small amount of blood is taken in the standard way of blood sampling. The collected blood is placed in special bottles and processed in a centrifuge. The doctor then draws a specific layer of cells from the bottle which is PRP.

The obtained material is then injected in small quantities in the area we want to improve. The injection of this material can be done with a special machine (Pistor-Eliance, France) for equal distribution.


Wrinkle reduction, skin regeneration, skin stretch marks (less in chronic) skin reconstruction in a natural way.

The application is easy and secure.

The results are impressively visible after the completion of 2-3 treatments. The skin after a series of treatments is more radiant, fresh, clean and more elastic. The results last for 8-12 months and can be maintained with 1 to 2 treatments per year depending on the needs of the skin.

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