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Andreas Tromaropoulos

Plastic Surgeon – Beauty Designer
  • Université Bordeaux Segalen
  • Universiteit Gent
  • F-EBOPRAS (Ευρωπαική Επιτροπή Πλαστικής, Αισθητικής και Επανορθωτικής Χειρουργικής)

Dr. A. Tromaropoulos is an accredited Plastic Surgeon by both the Hellenic Committee for Plastic Surgery and the European Committee for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery ( F- EBOPRAS Quality Recognition of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery. Finally, he is a member of the Hellenic Surgical Society.

Graduate of the medical school of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Successfully participates in the recruitment examinations of trainees for training of the Ministry of Health of Cyprus. He is trained in the Department of Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit of the General Hospital of Nicosia. His main fields of training are: burns, breast reconstruction, melanoma, ulcers and cosmetic surgeries.

After the successful completion of his training at the General Hospital of Nicosia, he will go to the Department of Plastic Surgery of the University of Ghent, Belgium. There he will deal with microsurgery and cosmetic surgery performing modern plastic surgery: breast reconstruction with free flaps – DIEP, SGAP, IGAP. TUG Ms. -, repair of large body deficits – ALT, Perforator Flaps, LD, VL, BF, osteodermal deficits and even leaf changes.

At the end of his collaboration at the University of Ghent and having rightly received – by unanimous decision of all academic members – the title of Fellow, he will continue his course in Bordeaux, France. At the University Hospital of Bordeaux (CHU – pellergin) participates mainly in cosmetic surgeries: breast augmentation and reduction, face-lifting, eyelid surgery, acetabulum, ear – ear plastic surgery, lipodystrophies in HIV patients, leaf changes and microsurgery related to surgery major injuries after accidents.

During this course he was trained and worked with prominent names in modern plastic surgery such as Prof. Philip.N.V Blondeel , Prof. Dr. Stan Monstrey, Prof. K. Van Landuyt. Prof. V. Casoli. He was therefore given the opportunity to gain clinical experience in public and private clinics in Belgium, Switzerland (Montreaux) and France (Bordeaux, Paris). He also collaborated with distinguished physicians who introduced new techniques in modern cosmetic surgery such as: Dr. P. TonnardDr. A. Verpaele, Dr. Woffles Wu (MACS- face Lift, Thread- Lift, Nanomicro-lipofilling, SNIF κ.α.)

For Dr. Andreas Tromaropoulos, cosmetic surgery is not just the choice of a career but his passion since ‘aesthetics’ occupies a prominent role in his daily life. He is dedicated to the care of his patients by providing them with the most modern and reliable techniques with the ultimate goal of not only a perfect aesthetic result but also the universal improvement of their quality of life. For this reason he ensures that he regularly participates in world conferences of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, presenting part of his work. He treats each case individually, taking into account the specificity and psyche of each patient, aiming for the best possible result. He is always in the mood to provide the maximum result in each of his projects and in combination with his training he can provide you with the best version of your appearance. Discover your most beautiful self!

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